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The coolest place in Tuscany?

These scorching hot August days have us desperately seeking cool.  With its shade and icy cold pools Orrido di Botri is probably the coolest activity we’ve found.  Orrido di Botri is a nature reserve in northern Tuscany and in summer … Continue reading

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Plum blossom confetti and magnolia envy

I feel very unoriginal, but like many bloggers at the moment I cannot help but share a little bit of spring! In our garden and patch of hillside the first little signs of spring are quite tiny, violets and narcissus. … Continue reading

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Sharing the goats!

Driving along a track yesterday near the village of Granaiola, one of the villages of Bagni di Lucca, I had to stop for goats – many, many goats. It gave me such pleasure to see them, along with the goatherder … Continue reading

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My son eats snails!

Thankfully not the kind a child might dig out of the mud but the properly edible type! The first place he ever ate them was the Osteria al Ritrovo del Platano. We stopped by one day when passing to look … Continue reading

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Wet feet in the woods with Red Riding Hood

What do you see here? Handy stepping stones  to jump across a stream or icy cold winter mountain water that no sane person would go anywhere near in mid January?  Want to look closer? Looking a bit colder now? Let … Continue reading

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The Fruits of Autumn

Early Autumn is fig season. Fig trees seem to grow like weeds around here in northern Tuscany but even though I’m now lucky enough to have this great tree (above) there’s still for me something very exotic and sensual about … Continue reading

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A Tuscan Autumn.

Autumn seemed to take a long time to arrive this year, the summer just went on and on. But now the weather and trees have caught up.  A few days ago I was still in sandals and T-shirts, but today … Continue reading

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River Swimming, on a hot day in Tuscany

This September was the hottest ever in Italy (ie; in the 150 years since Italian unification) A measure of this is that on the very last day of September I went swimming in the River Lima. Here’s the proof! It … Continue reading

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Lunch in Castelnuovo di Garfagnana, Tuscany

My sister is visiting. She doesn’t eat vegetables! But she likes cheese.  So a cheese based lunch was in order. We headed half hour northwards to Osteria Vecchio Mulino in Castelnuovo di Garfagnana. It serves cold platters of local food: … Continue reading

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Fine Maggio- end of May, Bagni di Lucca, Tuscany

Lots of local towns around here have events for Primo Maggio, May 1st. So maybe the market in May 1st events was overloaded. Anyway Bagni di Lucca has a festa for the end of May, which this year was yesterday, … Continue reading

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