Painting Ponte


I’ve been very neglectful of this blog recently. But I had to come out of hibernation for the painting competition. Regular readers will know from previous posts how much I enjoy this event. for those new readers, every July our village, Ponte a Serraglio, holds a competition in which artists have just that day to paint a local scene. There are put on display in Villa Fiori park, then judged. Photo0614



It’s always a scorching hot day but the trees in the park do provide some much needed shade. It’s great fun to wander around looking at the work. Photo0600_001


It took me a long time to work out number 36 above. Finally realised it’s the bridge. I’m a bit of a traditionalist! Photo0616

But I do like the fun ones. The swimmers are cute, and there were indeed people splashing in the river to cool off. This next one is very appealing, but the shape of the bridge is wrong. Not that I could paint the bridge myself at all!Photo0637

I always look for our house, Villa Rosalena, in one of the paintings. Didn’t spot it this year, but this one has exactly the view from our window! Photo0635

Usually very few of my personal favourites win prizes! This year however most of my choices were ranked. Not sure if that means my artistic eye is developing or quite what! It was nice to see the winner was a woman this year. Photo0656Photo0617

Here’s the rest of the prize winning paintings: From 2nd place downwards.Photo0607




For previous years:…-e-sapori-2012/…olori-e-sapori/

For details of competition see

Also currently running is theBagni di Lucca Art festival. This opened on July 13th with an excellent evening. Sadly I can’t take night time pictures! But I hope to show some of the galleries in another post.  For details of this festival which continues throught the summer see

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2 Responses to Painting Ponte

  1. Debra Kolkka says:

    Nice to see you back. I thought you had given up.

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