Beat the winter blues, Italian style.


Photo0234_cropLast weekend we enjoyed the perfect antidote to the winter blues. Every glorious colour, as vivid as can be at Viareggio. The Viareggio Carnival celebrates 140 years this year. Viareggio is a beach resort on the Tuscan coast and its Carnevale is one of the most famous in Italy. The promenade is a perfect wide avenue for the spectacular procession displaying  amazing papier mache creations.Photo0244Photo0243Photo0224Photo0230_crop

Many of the floats have a political satire theme. I can’t claim to recognise that many Italian politicians, but Mario Monti was heavily present, as here on the ‘Marriage of the Dried Figs’Photo0227Photo0242_crop

This one above suggests Italian political life is a carousel. The comedian turned political activist Beppe Grillo features here, and on many others, including the dried figs car as the red devil!Photo0220

I’m not sure who she is above, but I believe she is cleaning up Italian politics. Good Luck to her! European and world politicians also feature, not surprising given Italy’s current woes. Even Britain’s David Cameron was at Viareggio.Photo0216Photo0226_crop

One way of knocking politicians down to size is portraying them as babies! The botty on the potty belongs to Silvio Berlusconi.Photo0221_crop

Other floats were just for the joy or the spectacle. Our favourite was the Minotaur.Photo0210_cropPhoto0213



As well as the floats there are also figures carried on the shoulders of strong men.Photo0235_cropPhoto0236_cropPhoto0239_crop

Many of the crowd of spectators come in costume too. I’d have loved to be this lady.Photo0256_crop

Even the dogs are well dressed!Photo0207_crop

Viareggio Carnival is held over 4 or 5 weekends each year, around February time, exact dates varying according to Lent/Easter. This year there is one more date, March 3rd. It’s a fun, relaxed event and  a great antidote to the winter blues: throw confetti, wear a silly costume, and enjoy watching the Italians at play.

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10 Responses to Beat the winter blues, Italian style.

  1. Tom Pierotti says:

    Very nice. Thank you. I probably will never make the Viareggioi Carnival, but I hope to be there this fall.

  2. Fabulous photos. Looks like a wonderful event.

  3. Dolores Aquadro says:

    To be in Italy at any time would be so special to my husband and me, but we are 81 years and cannot walk to good anymore. My husband’s family was from Lucca(his dad) and his mom was from Sicily!! We have been to your beautiful country two times, with tours, but never got to see his family sites, to us Italy is the most beautiful place in the world.

    • I’m glad you were able to get to Italy and hope you will enjoy these few virtual glimpses of Italy now you are no longer able to visit in person. We live just north of Lucca, it’s a really special area.

  4. Miss P says:

    How amazing, Italy is on my bucket list of places I would love to travel to. How cool are these floats.

  5. What a nice post the floats are great what ever the weather it is good to see them as we didnt manage to get there this year. So thanks for sharing these pics with us!

  6. Debra Kolkka says:

    It was fun to be at the Carnevale again this year. You photographed some I missed.

  7. Malou says:

    Beautiful post! I’d love to be there when all these festivities are in full swing. 😉

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