Lucca Comics and Games

Here are three of our guests this weekend on their way out for the day! This somewhat unusual attire is because they were on their way to Lucca for the annual Comics and Games event.

This four day event brings young people in huge numbers to Lucca to visit the many exhibitions. And many dress as their favourite character. Most of them I don’t recognise not being a comics reader myself but that doesn’t matter at all, I love to see the costumes and to admire the time, effort and dedication so many have put into creating them.

Many of them clearly love to pose, and relish someone asking to take their photo so they can get into role. It must be like being a celebrity for the day. With the added possibility of wearing a mask if you want to remain anonymous. who knows maybe this chap is an accountant for the rest of this the year!


The group efforts are amazing, the amount of co-ordination they put in to perfect their look. And to pose together of course!

Some go beyond just dressing themselves, they build a ‘vehicle’ too like these, Mario Karts and Wacky Races I recognise, the guy with the ship I’ve no idea, but you’ve got to admire the effort, that’s a lot of cardboard boxes!

The walls that encircle the historic centre of Lucca make a great backdrop and a good spot to pose. The sniper is pretty scary, he was there motionless everytime we passed.  He seemed to be aiming at spiderman and his orange haired friend. Tinkerbell is more to my taste, I think she may just be the real thing, if you believe in fairies!

Lucca Comics and Games last for 4 days at over the last weekend in October. The juxtaposition of this venerable historic city with all this wackiness is brilliant, it shows that Lucca is not a ‘museum’ with only its past to offer but it’s a living, breathing, exciting place. And I love the fact that this event draws huge numbers of young people who completely take over the whole town and yet the atmosphere  feels so safe and is entertaining for all ages. In this picture below you can get an idea of how packed it was, yet everyone was good natured and in the mood to enjoy the fun.

And finally, continuing my current obsession with how beautiful Autumn is, I hope you are noticing all the glorious fall colours of the trees around Lucca! And you can see how warm it is still this year by the lack of coats!


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6 Responses to Lucca Comics and Games

  1. bagnidilucca says:

    I went on Friday, but almost nobody was dressed up, I was a bit disappointed. Perhaps I will be here next year.

  2. Cindy says:

    That is really cool! And great pictures too!

  3. Yes, it is cool isn’t it! Hope you can be out here for it one year.

  4. Malou Prestado says:

    I love Lucca,such a lovely city. Would love to be back but not in the height of summer.

  5. Lucca is enchanting any time of year. September is a great month there with lots of events around the Luminara of Santa Croce on 13th and the Comics and Games festival in late October is great fun. Also it’s a magical place to shop and soak up the atmosphere around christmas time.

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