Tipico Italiano – Yummy food!

‘Are you sure you didn’t know this would be here’  insisted my children. Having been dragged to so many food events they really didn’t believe that I hadn’t planned this. We had some time to kill waiting for a train connection at Lucca, and wandered in through the walls to find rows of yummy food stalls set up along Corso Garibaldi.

The event was ‘Tipico Italiano’ and consisted of food stalls of regional produce from all over Italy. The most popular stall seemed to be the sweet pastries and biscuits from Sicily. I gave into a cannoli, which is a fried pastry tube with a sweet ricotta filling. These marzipan (almond paste) fruits were impressive to look at but you’d need to buy quite a few, one on its own would be a bit sad, and at 2.00 each they had to be resisted!

The Chocolate stall wasn’t doing as well, strange really so near to easter, but I guess everyone wants their chocolate egg shaped right now. These are amazing, but would you be able to bring yourself to actually eat such cleverness? Even the moka coffee pot is chocolate!

This is lady is selling wild boar sausages and other salumi, not a temptation for me, but I love how she looks just the part.


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6 Responses to Tipico Italiano – Yummy food!

  1. jan says:

    looks yummy to me as well.

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  3. Minna says:

    Looks so delicious!! This is the first time I visit this blog and I really love reading it! I am looking forward to following your posts!

  4. Cindy says:

    I’m trying to catch up with your posts i missed while being in Italy… and this makes me feel hungry… A-a-a-h…. Making a cup of tea….

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