Geraniums, a Tuscan villa essential!

More real life stuff today, but one of the nicer bits of running a B&B in Tuscany. Buying plants. In particular geraniums, red of course.  The last few days have been so hot and sunny we’ve put out the deckchairs in the expectation that guests will be looking to sit out in this glorious weather, as warm as a summers day, albeit an English summer’s day,  not yet up to a Tuscan summers day, but not bad at all for the start of April,  temps in the mid 20s at the moment. So sitting out means geraniums!

At first I thought I was too early.My usual plant place, Pierantoni near Fornaci di Barga didn’t have any, but I managed to buy a fair amount of other plants instead. But at the next place, success! Geraniums. Just to be sure I asked if it was okay to plant them outside and yes, the ordinary type were okay, though the lady said the trailing type needed another 10 days or so. Oh well, I’ll just have to go plant shopping again then!

Here’s my haul.



And here they are  planted up and in their places. Instant cheerfulness!

These three geraniums are lined up in a row under the loggia. On the loggia verandah are these ranunculus. You can just make out Ponte a Serraglio in the background.

These dainty little violas sit below the plaque marking in the entrance to Villa Rosalena, at the foot of the steps. The plaque was hand painted at a ceramic studio on the beautiful Tuscan island of Elba, at Le bambole della bottega scura at Porto Azzurro.

I’ve forgotten what these are called already! But they look pretty against the old stone of the vasca. This is a big old outdoor water tank for clothes washing, quaint and interesting, but imagine having to use it! Thank goodness for electricity and washing machines!

This last photo is a personal indulgence. My mother didn’t believe the peas we planted  two weeks ago were up already, so here’s the proof!

And once we’re eating the peas from these little shoots we’ll know it really is Summer, not just Spring teasing us!




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One Response to Geraniums, a Tuscan villa essential!

  1. jan says:

    wow flowers look amazing lovely to see the peas up I can not believe how fast they are. well done.

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