Watching paint dry!

Although I’ve subtitled this blog ‘life places food’ I’ve noticed I don’t seem to include much ‘life’. This is because my life is mostly very mundane, but I just happen to be fortunate enough to be currently living in a very beautiful place. So places are seeming to feature more. But if there is anyone out here who wonders what the March life of a Tuscan B&B owner is like, here goes!

PAINT! definitely in capital letters. That’s what I seem to do most of in March. Sadly I don’t mean painting in a nice artistic, watercolour on an easel way, just painting walls. This is a thankless task as I simply paint the rooms to look exactly the same, but without all the dirty marks that have accumulated over the previous season of guests. None of the satisfaction of transformation. So this year I decided ‘Vino Rosso’ room was to get a new colour scheme, aqua/duck egg blue, cream and grey.

Now this is the interesting bit! But please bear in mind this only seems interesting to me because I have been stuck indoors painting for rather too long! For the larger guest bedrooms we use a painted panel effect which is a simplified version of the original style of decoration of the villa.  As I don’t have anything resembling a steady hand I do these stripes  slowly and painfully with masking tape. On ripping some tape off it pulled off many layers of old paint, including the gold that we had previously painted the room in, and the colour it revealed was virtually identical to the colour I’m using. I felt the room was showing how happy it was,  that it was being returned to its proper colour.

But now I have to find some way to patch up the chipped paint!

So that’s why this post is as interesting as watching paint dry! Because that’s all I’ve done lately! But  although I’m indoors up a ladder on these gorgeous spring days don’t feel too sorry for me, this is the view from the room I’m painting, so I can take lots of peaks at the world outside, and I never tire of the view of the river as it’s different every day.

I’ll post some pictures of the room when I finally finish all those masking tape strips! And maybe then venture out again and post on the rather more interesting topics of places and food!

UPDATE Here is the room now it’s finished.

It needs a new name,  with no red in the room now ‘Vino Rosso’ doesn’t really fit any more.Ideas please!


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  2. Ros says:

    settimo cielo ? if that is the right spelling.

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